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Clarity starts with a conversation.

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1) Submit the form below

2) We'll reach out to schedule a virtual meeting

3) We go over your situation & our process to see if it makes sense to work together

4) Take some time to think about it before making a decision
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Working with Green Era Financial.

a pain-free process, designed with you in mind

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1. Schedule a time.

This is a short introductory call for us to get to know each other. On this call, you'll be able to outline your financial concerns, desires and wishes for the future.

2. Meet with us.

In this conversation, we'll share how we work with clients, costs of services and will determine if we are the right advisors for you.

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3. Think about it.

After meeting, we'll send a recap email with next steps so that you have an understanding of what working with Green Era Financial looks like before making a decision.

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